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About A Dog - Pawsitive Canine Massage is about providing Therapeutic Massage to all of our canine companions. I work with all dogs big and small, injured and healthy, from puppies, shelter dogs, athletic dogs to the geriatric and hospice dogs. I do in home and office appointments .

Serving the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Aurora and the surrounding communities. 


Benefits of Canine Massage


Boosts the Immune System

Aids in Recovery from Exercise

Aids in Healing after Surgery

Can Reduce Scar Tissue Buildup

Reduces Edema/Swelling

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Eases Joint and Muscle Pain

Improves Range of Motion

Provides Comfort during Hospice

      Dogs just love it!!

Phone Consultation


Learn how Canine Massage and Bodywork can help your dog

Massage and Bodywork


Each session is geared towards the needs of your dog

General, Lymphatic, Trigger Point, Palliative, Hospice

$80.00 up to $120.00 for an hour

$50.00 up to $95.00 for a half hour

Based on where you live, a travel fee of $5 to $10 may apply.

Discounts Available

Shelters, Rescues and Pet Parents

Shelters and Rescues, please contact me for discounted pricing.
Pet parents - Buy 5 sessions up front and get the 6th session free.


The reason I do what I do.

Spencer passed away in December of 2012, from Osteo-sarcoma. I was not aware of all that there is out there to help your pets, until I came across Canine Massage. It was too late for him, but because of him, I am able to pass on the benefits to your dog.



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373 Messenger Circle, North Aurora, IL 60542



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